Alexander Horn is a writer and narrative designer in the games industry, currently at Ubisoft as a Senior Narrative Game Designer working on Tom Clancy’s The Division. His shipped games include Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, games in the Elder Scrolls and Civilization franchises, and other mmo and mobile titles.


Long time horror film aficionado and recent Atlanta transplant, Blair Bathory has quickly become a leading force in the renaissance of genre filmmaking. Through the experiences of directing her own films, Blair has become a huge proponent of giving opportunities to fellow creatives. By running a film festival, hosting a horror show, and partnering with independently owned production companies such as Moonshine Post in ATL.

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Since 2001, Carter has been nationally known as a professional voice talent and is most widely known in anime circles for his roles in Evangelion, Vexille, Dragonball Z, Samurai 7,Beck, Full Metal Alchemist, Speed Grapher, Blassreiter, and El Cazador de la Bruja. Many people  also recognize his distinctive voice in video games like "Street Fighter" as Balrog, Shao Kahn and Baraka in "Mortal Kombat", and in Halo Wars playing alongside as a Marine, Grunt, or  Elite trooper. Carter, along with his wife September, has recently opened a superhero themed Voice Over Academy called "The Neighborhood" where they train beginners to professionals in commercial and character voice over.


Dale Adams is a self described sonic/visual post-architect. As a creative technologist, teacher and innovator he's always blurring the lines between technology, experience and art. His art is conceptual explorations in space, resonance, empathy and sound. From his installations and the Dream Collection Agency to his homeless project, One Night, he explores virtual reality's opportunities in new and exciting ways.

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David Smith is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer. His photographs have most recently appeared in the Local Color Exhibit as part of the 2013 Atlanta Celebrates Photography festival. His short film, TAKE ONE TABLET, was an official selection at the 2011 Macon Film Festival. His work in commercial video production has earned him two corporate top-honor awards from KINKO's and The Bridgestone Group, as well as three Telly Awards for his work with the Tennessee Center for Child Welfare. He is currently an Associate Professor of Film & Digital Media at the University of North Georgia and enjoys taking photographs while hiking with his wife and twin daughters.


Deborah Gonzalez, Esq. is an attorney whose legal practice focuses on media, technology and entertainment. She is the Executive Director of Letterbox Legal, a new way of offering legal services to creative.  She is licensed to practice in both New York and Georgia. Clients include filmmakers, producers, game and mobile app developers, artists and art professionals, animators, musicians and music professionals, authors, and various other creative professionals.


Elliott Rothman works as TRICK 3D’s Director of Innovation & Development, leading the studio’s technology teams as they use emerging technologies, such as AR and VR, to solve real-world problems for Fortune 500 clients. Rothman champions smart, applied and beautiful uses of technology to all of TRICK 3D’s projects. Prior to joining the studio, Rothman led experiential multimedia projects for The SuperGroup agency, working with clients such as The Coca-Cola Company, Budweiser and Holiday Inn Express.
Elliott has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and New Media from the State University of New York College at Fredonia. 



Eric has graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computational Media, where he led 4 game projects in the Video Game Development organization ( During his time at Tech, he co-oped at Cartoon Network as a QA Analyst and now works as a Production Assistant for the Cartoon Network Games team. On the side, he works for his game studio, Finite Reflection Studios. He has been working in Unity for almost 5 years and has completed 9 games outside of classwork. He was the head TA for a course that teaches C coding and game design at Tech. After that, he became really interested in backend coding and has set up many systems for several games.

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With over a decade of industry experience, Jared loves crafting stories for every kind of experience. VR, MMO, and ARG are just a few of the initialisms Jared has worked in through his career and he loves sharing those trials and joys with anyone willing to listen.



Kartik is finishing up his Computational Media degree at Georgia Tech, is a co-op at Cartoon Network, the head TA for a game design-oriented class at Tech, and is starting his own video game studio: Finite Reflection studios. He has been working with Unity for the past 4 years and won Best In Georgia for the Global Game Jam last year. The only thing he loves as much as making video games is teaching others how to make games.


Molly began her film career working by day full time in the art department for shows like The Carbonaro Effect and The Walking Dead. By night, she has always championed independent film. With a solid core and lots of experience behind her, Molly has now lent her design, rigging and fabrication skills to television shows such as Stan Against Evil and FX series Atlanta, feature films like Steel Country and V/H/S Viral and even stage and puppetry shows. In the meantime, Molly is the creator/director of the puppet short film "Magic The Gathering The Musical", an Atlanta Film Society Filmmaker-in-Residence, a member of the international female directors' group "Film Fatales", and is the owner of the independent production company Zombie Cat Productions. She also records weekly podcasts with her co-consiprator Charles Thomas called Atlanta Film Chat where they focus on what Atlanta can do to make the local film community stronger. All of this from a girl who was working as a photographer and realized she could start making stop-motion films in her living room with the equipment she currently had in her possession.



Multiple award-winner Paul Jenkins has been creating, writing and building franchises for over 25 years in the graphic novel, film and videogame industries. Paul has enjoyed recognition on the New York Times bestseller list, has been nominated for two BAFTA Awards, and has been the recipient of a government-sponsored Prism Award for his contributions in storytelling and characterization.



Rayna has a background in psychology and has spent a decade designing games for a variety of platforms and screen sizes. From mobile at Gameloft to AAA at Eidos Montreal, she works on making storytelling more integral into games of every size. Most recently she was Narrative Designer on the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

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September Day Carter began her career in voice over in February 2007 and was live announcing for the MTV Video Music Awards in, appropriately, September of that same year. She has directed many a traveler in World of Warcraft as Night Elf and Blood Elf NPC characters and is also known as the voice of "Skynet" for Warner Brothers promotionals. Her's is the voice used for the Text-to-Speech function on all generations of the Amazon Kindle and it is also a part of the international exhibit, Dialog in the Dark. Other clients include ABC Family, Levi's, Coke, Bravo TV, and Sea World. Recently, September, along with her voice actor husband Bob Carter, opened their voice over training academy, The Neighborhood, where they coach beginners and professionals in commercial and character voice over.


Stacey Palmer was born and raised in New Jersey, where her interest in film production started. She began her career as a screenwriter before moving into the role of producer. She has worked on such films as, "Attack of the Morningside Monster", "Idiots Are Us" and the upcoming thriller, "Haven's End". Currently she speaks on Gender Education and its role in the media.


Stephanie Marlo is the founder of Artist Life Vision. VR/AR/UX all hold a large place in our future. From cultural interactions and entertainment to games and learning. As a content creator and enthusiast, she is currently working towards the goal of getting this new place of virtual and augmented realities into daily use for viewers and enthusiasts alike.


Native of France and a Canadian citizen, Stephane Ceretti started in the VFX industry at Buf Compagnie in Paris in 1996. He began his career working on "Batman and Robin” and numerous commercials and became VFX Supervisor for Buf on Tarsem’s “The Cell". Stephane has been involved as VFX Supervisor on major feature films such as the Wachowski’s Matrix sequels, as well as Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” and various genres of films from "Harry Potter 4" to "Batman Begins" and "Silent Hill”. He has been overall VFX Supervisor for a few projects at Buf including "The Prestige" by world acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. He joined MPC and Method studios in London where he met with Marvel Studios. He started as 2nd VFX supervisor on the shoot of Joe Johnston’s “The First Avenger : Captain America”. Other projects include Fox Studios' “X-men : First Class”. He also co-supervised the Visual Effects of Warner Bros.’s “Cloud Atlas” directed by Lana & Andy Wachovski & Tom Tykwer. Following his work on Marvel’s “Thor : The Dark World” as a 2nd Unit Supervisor he joined Marvel’s “Guardians Of the Galaxy” as the main VFX supervisor followed by Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”. For his work on these two movies he got nominated to the Oscars, the BAFTAs as well as the VES Awards.


Susan Pickett began her career as a Set Production Assistant in 1985 in New York City.  By 1991 she was a member of the Director’s Guild on the New York Qualifications List and was on the Los Angeles Qualifications List by 1993. She has worked as a 2nd AD on many features, including Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, Garry Marshall’s Exit to Eden, John Landis’ Innocent Blood, and Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.  Susan transitioned into visual effects in 1998, and worked as a Visual Effects Coordinator on films such as Fat Albert, Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.  She then signed up with Marvel’s Executive Producer, Victoria Alonso, to work as the Visual Effects Production Manager on Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, and was then promoted to Visual Effects Producer on Iron Man II.  Since then she has produced the visual effects for Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, and currently Ant Man II. In addition to working on over 30 feature films, Susan is a member of the Directors Guild, the Producers Guild, the Visual Effects Society and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.