Good Reads: Are Indie Games too Cheap? Is Ridley Scott an Overrated Director?

Good Reads: Are Indie Games too Cheap? Is Ridley Scott an Overrated Director?

What should game developers be charging for their games? Has four time Oscar nominee Ridley Scott really only made two good films in his five decades long career? We share two good reads from PC Gamer and Slashfilm. 

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Stranger Things...THE GAME!

Nice touch with the Nintendo like badge Netflix!

Nice touch with the Nintendo like badge Netflix!

We're still three weeks from Stranger Things season 2. Understanding that the wait may be interminable for fans, Netflix has dropped a Stranger Things RPG for iOS and Android. You can now collect Eggos as you explore (not so) familiar locations from the show.

As marketing and promotions, it's brilliant. The game is designed for Speed Runs. Not only does this add a dimension of competition, it incentivizes shares on social media. Creating a game that the Stranger Things kids might actually play in 1984 (the year season 2 is set) adds a meta-level of immersion for fans. 

What truly makes this stand out isn't that it's just in the style of the original Legend of Zelda from the old NES. It's that it's completely FREE. There appear to be no sneaky in-app purchases. No pesky micro transactions.

If you talk to seasoned game developers who have worked with studios and filmmakers, or at least flirted with it, one of their major gripes is how much of an afterthought tie-in games can be. Games rarely augment the audience experience. There are either high water marks like The Dark Knight's Alternate Reality Game or console and PC games like The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, or pretty much everything else. This is the synergy between games and film we love to see.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can sneak off from woking on TERMINUS 2018 to play some Stranger Things.

Stranger Things iOS

Stranger Things Android


TERMINUS & Friends Tuesday: Kartik Kini & Eric Cook


Game Developers Kartik & Eric (TERMINUS Best Student Game & Fan Favorite Winners: TwinCop) will be hanging with TERMINUS & Friends this Tuesday. Think of it as a talk show with industry professionals while they play popular games. Join us October 3rd at 7pm on Twitch (& YouTube) at

Kartik is finishing up his Computational Media degree at Georgia Tech, and is starting his own video game studio: Finite Reflection Studios. He has 4 years experience with Unity, won Best In Georgia for the Global Game Jam last year, and is credited in over 20 various student and professional games.

Eric is a Georgia Tech graduate, working full time at Cartoon Network and making games on the side for his company, Finite Reflection Studios. Eric works primarily as a backend developer but enjoys all aspects of game design/development.

Join us as we play the TERMINUS Winner for Best Student Game & Fan Favorite TwinCop!

Did you miss out on the live stream? You can catch up here

TERMINUS & Friends is a live stream held every Tuesday.

TERMINUS 2017 Continued: Women at Warp discuss TNG's "The Outcast"

At TERMINUS this year, presenters Stacey Palmer & Evelyn Olansky examined how Transgender people have been portrayed in Hollywood. Women at Warp's "The Outcast: A Very Special Gay Episode" is a perfect extension to that conversation. 

Originally aired the week of March 16, 1992, Star Trek: The Next Generation's The Outcast was a well intended attempt to address LGBTQA+ issues thoughtfully and respectfully. While many at the time hailed the episode as a sign of progress--in both television and Star Trek--just as many expressed major disappointment. Even Johnathan Frakes, who played the episode's focus character Riker, complained that the episode didn't take any real risks. Most pointedly, that casting a woman to play Soren, Riker's romantic interest, and not a man, undermined the episode as an allegory. It was--and is--viewed by critics as a timid choice that wouldn't challenge viewers to the point of alienation.

Critiques of the episode as problematic and regressive have grown in the last 25 years. Women at Warp's discussion highlights that when viewed as an exploration of being Transgendered, Soren's story is powerfully resonant. That same discussion also reinforces many of the points Stacy and Evelyn made in their presentation about why getting the portrayal of LGTBQA+ right matters. And how those initial missteps have lasting impact, sending audiences the wrong messages, and, reinforcing in all the wrong ways, the exclusion and discrimination LGTBAQ+ audiences experience. 


TERMINUS & Friends Tuesday: Bob & September Day Carter

P7620009 (1).jpg

Voice actors Bob & September Day (Street Fighter, World of Warcraft) will be hanging with TERMINUS & Friends this Tuesday. Think of it as a talk show with industry professionals while they play popular games. Join us September 26th at 7pm on Twitch (& YouTube) at

Since 2001, Bob Carter has been nationally known as a professional voice talent and is most widely known in anime circles for his roles in Evangelion, Vexille, Dragonball Z, Samurai 7,Beck, Full Metal Alchemist, Speed Grapher, Blassreiter, and El Cazador de la Bruja. Many people  also recognize his distinctive voice in video games like "Street Fighter" as Balrog, Shao Kahn and Baraka in "Mortal Kombat", and in Halo Wars playing alongside as a Marine, Grunt, or  Elite trooper. 

Bob’s partner in crime, September Day Carter began her career in voice over in February 2007 and was live announcing for the MTV Video Music Awards in, appropriately, September of that same year. She has directed many a traveler in World of Warcraft as Night Elf and Blood Elf NPC characters and is also known as the voice of "Skynet" for Warner Brothers promotionals. Her's is the voice used for the Text-to-Speech function on all generations of the Amazon Kindle and it is also a part of the international exhibit, Dialog in the Dark. Other clients include ABC Family, Levi's, Coke, Bravo TV, and Sea World. 

Together, the Carter’s recently opened a superhero themed Voice Over Academy called "The Neighborhood" where they train beginners to professionals in commercial and character voice over.

Did you miss out on the live stream? You can catch up here

TERMINUS & Friends is a live stream held every Tuesday.

2017 Award Winners

Thursday, we kicked off TERMINUS by honoring (SQUEE!!!!) Robert De Niro (Raging Bull, Taxi Driver) with an Honorary Golden Tripod. On Friday, we rocked out and partied hard at The Loft as we gave out the Golden Tripod Awards, including the Poo Industry Lifetime Achievement Award. We kicked it into full gear Saturday with awards host Judah Friendlander. TERMINUS awarded some of the best in film and gaming. Taking a little time to play a giant game of Voiceball. And we capped it all with Naomie Harris (Moonlight, Skyfall) announcing the launch of our Playstation Emerging Filmmakers Program. We are already hyped for TERMINUS 2018.

TERMINUS Film and Game, CMF Best Picture Winners
Golden Tripod Award Winners